Windy City Radio 3/24/09



AG Silver– The Only One Buy the CD/mp3

The Guilty Hands – Guilty Hands

The Clintons – Time of Day Buy the CD/mp3

Geoff Smith – So I’m Writing Buy the CD/mp3

Micki Croisant – Smile Buy the CD/mp3

Shae Fontaine and Michael K – Touch My Body

Digital Pilots – Call Me

Makrolon – Maximalno

Where Day At? – Ain’t No Party Like Buy the CD/mp3

Sophia Ramos – Kill Your Pain Buy the CD/mp3

Megaphone – Wasted Buy the CD/mp3

Tsavo – Lost and Forgotten Buy the CD/mp3

Mobile – Montreal Calling Buy the CD/mp3

Windy City Radio 3/24/09 mp3


2 Responses to “Windy City Radio 3/24/09”

  1. jennselke Says:

    love that you included megaphone! they are my favorite band!


  2. Windy City Radio Says:

    You are welcome! They do rock! They take me back to my early podcasting days.

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