Windy City Radio 1/16/09



Todd Carey – Ain’t Got Love Buy the CD/mp3

Katie Todd – Face Down Buy the CD/mp3

The Wellingtons – Come Undone Buy the CD/mp3

My My My – Palisades Buy the CD/mp3

Curtis Peoples – Tell Me I’m Wrong Buy the CD/mp3

Painkiller Hotel – Brightest Flame Buy the CD/mp3

Deni Bonet – How Far Can I Push You Buy the CD/mp3

Hey Molly – Charlie’s Autobiography

Astronauts of Antiquity – Emotional Healing Buy the CD/mp3

Peach Stealing Monkeys – Beautiful Life

Pretty Good Dance Moves – Demons Dancing

Owen – Bad News Buy the CD/mp3

Keaton Simons – Without Your Skin Buy the CD/mp3

56 Hope Road – New Philosophy Buy the CD/mp3

Malcolm Palmer – Gasoline Buy the CD/mp3

Eisenhower Field Day – Talking Like We Do Buy the CD/mp3

Mock Orange – Song in D Buy the CD/mp3

Kingsfoil – Black Hawk White Dove

Weszt – Burning Man Buy the CD/mp3

Kevin Lee – Can’t Believe Your Mine Buy the CD/mp3

After the Accident – Nice Guys Never Last

Flowers for Dorian – B Horror Film Buy the CD/mp3

Oh No Not Stereo – Hurricanes (Right Behind You) Buy the CD/mp3

Reaction – Summer of Love Buy the CD/mp3

Indignant – Not Quite Myself

The Muggs – Slow Curve Buy the CD/mp3

The Sleepers – Comeback Special Buy the CD/mp3

Destruction Island – Casually Finding a Torso on a Sunday Morning Buy the CD/mp3

Windy City Radio 1/16/09 mp3


2 Responses to “Windy City Radio 1/16/09”

  1. kingsfoil Says:

    Kara –

    Thanks so much for playing us! We sure do appreciate it. Go Windy City – best of luck with everything!!

  2. midwestdj Says:

    You are very welcome guys! Best of luck with you guys as well! You RAWK!


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