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Windy City Radio’s Video of the Week

Posted in Videos on January 30, 2009 by Kara

The Good Luck Joes – Middle of Me Buy the CD/mp3


TLP Radio is Back!!!

Posted in News on January 29, 2009 by Kara

Yes TLP Radio is back!  So now you can catch Windy City Radio two different ways if you miss a show!  Just click on this link for TLP Radio and you can listen to the stream in any media player you wish!  While you are there you can check out all of the other shows on the TLP Network.

About Windy City Radio

Posted in News on January 28, 2009 by Kara

Welcome to Windy City Radio! I am your host Kara! Come and join me every Tuesday from Noon until 2pm central/ 6 until 8pm UK LIVE on Digital Music Radio! In the first hour you will listen to some of the best unsigned and Indie artists that are out there. Then in the second hour Major labels! Also, comedy, celebrity gossip and strange news stories that are happening around the world! Just click listen and chat at my official website! Call in LIVE during the show at 1-217-705-4407 /midwestdj on skype! Leave a voice mail at 1-206-309-0288 or email me at! Artist submissions can also be emailed to me at that address. Just send me mp3s with your permission! Don’t worry if you miss a show!  Go to TLP Radio and listen to the re- broadcast of  Windy City Radio and all of the other shows on the TLP Network! You can also subscribe to the Windy City Radio podcast!

I also do a Music Video Podcast called Windy City Video!  So if you are an artist or band and interested in having your video included in an episode email me at!

Windy City Radio 1/23/09

Posted in Radio Podcast on January 23, 2009 by Kara



Della Valle – Pink Elephants Buy the CD/mp3

John Taglieri – Everything We Are Buy the CD/mp3

The Handcuffs – Half a Mind Buy the CD/mp3

Hello From Reno – Angela Buy the CD/mp3

Sick of Sarah – Bittersweet Buy the CD/mp3

Bob Pressner – Heart of a Champion Buy the CD/mp3

Paul Jeffrey – Even Buy the CD/mp3

Rue Royale – Even in the Darkness Buy the CD/mp3

Whitney Steele ft. Robin Wilson – You Won’t see Me Crying

Micki Croisant – Smile Buy the cd/mp3

Mike Mangione – Waiting For No One Buy the CD/mp3

Josh Charles – I’m Always Here For You Buy the CD/mp3

Jen Porter – Along the Way Buy the CD/mp3

North Green (Andrea Lane) – Ice Buy the CD/mp3

Buckcherry – Sorry Buy the CD/mp3

Kelly Richey – I Want You Buy the CD/mp3

Citizens of Contrary Knowledge – Lonely Hearts Society Buy the CD/mp3

Aerodrone – Sceneboy Buy the CD/mp3

Pensive – Live Fast Buy the CD/mp3

Patti Rothberg – Double Standards Buy the CD/mp3

The Alumni Club – Baby, My Songs Are Better Buy the CD/mp3

Kevin Lee – Hollywood Trash Buy the CD/mp3

Settings – Nothing Left to Save

The Lifeline – Crashing Waves

7 Days Away – My Time Buy the CD/mp3

A Birdsong Valentine – Who Lie Before Me

Algren – Bled

Windy City Radio 1/23/09 mp3

Windy City Radio’s Video of the Week

Posted in Videos on January 21, 2009 by Kara

Pensive – Live Fast Buy the CD/mp3

Windy City Radio on Itunes!!

Posted in News on January 20, 2009 by Kara

Windy City Radio is now officially on Itunes!!  Check it out and write a review!

Windy City Radio’s Itunes page

Windy City Radio 1/16/09

Posted in Radio Podcast on January 16, 2009 by Kara



Todd Carey – Ain’t Got Love Buy the CD/mp3

Katie Todd – Face Down Buy the CD/mp3

The Wellingtons – Come Undone Buy the CD/mp3

My My My – Palisades Buy the CD/mp3

Curtis Peoples – Tell Me I’m Wrong Buy the CD/mp3

Painkiller Hotel – Brightest Flame Buy the CD/mp3

Deni Bonet – How Far Can I Push You Buy the CD/mp3

Hey Molly – Charlie’s Autobiography

Astronauts of Antiquity – Emotional Healing Buy the CD/mp3

Peach Stealing Monkeys – Beautiful Life

Pretty Good Dance Moves – Demons Dancing

Owen – Bad News Buy the CD/mp3

Keaton Simons – Without Your Skin Buy the CD/mp3

56 Hope Road – New Philosophy Buy the CD/mp3

Malcolm Palmer – Gasoline Buy the CD/mp3

Eisenhower Field Day – Talking Like We Do Buy the CD/mp3

Mock Orange – Song in D Buy the CD/mp3

Kingsfoil – Black Hawk White Dove

Weszt – Burning Man Buy the CD/mp3

Kevin Lee – Can’t Believe Your Mine Buy the CD/mp3

After the Accident – Nice Guys Never Last

Flowers for Dorian – B Horror Film Buy the CD/mp3

Oh No Not Stereo – Hurricanes (Right Behind You) Buy the CD/mp3

Reaction – Summer of Love Buy the CD/mp3

Indignant – Not Quite Myself

The Muggs – Slow Curve Buy the CD/mp3

The Sleepers – Comeback Special Buy the CD/mp3

Destruction Island – Casually Finding a Torso on a Sunday Morning Buy the CD/mp3

Windy City Radio 1/16/09 mp3